My second ever face :

My second ever face : the vault-boy watch ! Robco Industries bring you hapiness and accuracy with this marvellous watch :wink:
Original : Reddit user “Jerbot”!t8cDQRRK!DSzCK1QdnkmU0_z60I6v8-9Zy8bq9kICRrRlJhlc39M


I made à minor mistake : the date shows over the hands, à simple layer adjust possible in ClockSkin Maker :wink:

Do you create it from scratch or import it from watchmaker? If you import it from .watch you probably need to add link to original source.

I did import it from watchmaker, I’ll put a link in a minute :wink:

@Sebastien_QUEROL Hi SQ… I clicked your link and there’s an important bit that says, " Please do not copy, modify or distribute, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any part of this watch face without the explicit permission of the original creator."… although your link posts to a face by XargonWan, in that description it says, “This is a port of an original work of reddit user Jerbot, so give him credits, not me :slight_smile: Jerbot, if you wish I can delete it, no problems!”… :frowning:

Ow, so if I give the crédit to the Real original creator there should be no problems then ?

There are a few forum rules that we all should follow:-

4- Respect copyrights and trademarks. You must credit the original maker in your post and provide a link to their work on their website when possible.
5- Regarding faces based on real watches (A.K.A “homages”). Give us the name of the watch and watchmaker, tag the watchmaker in the post when possible, and provide a link to their official site or page for the watch. This not only promotes their work, but lets them know that an homage was posted in case they have an issue with it.

It’s about recognising and respecting the work of others… we either create structure or let chaos rule… :slight_smile: