My Second custom watch face Function : 1. Analog clock 2. Digital clock 3.

My Second custom watch face

Function :

  1. Analog clock
  2. Digital clock
  3. Date Month Year
  4. Heart Rate Monitor
  5. Step pedometer
  6. Battery Level

#Fix update by : @Ronald_Jansen

Download here :


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Sorry, neb here…will it work on iqi i2 ?

@Chris_Hawkins Thanks.
@Tom_Bosko sorry, it’s not working on iqi i2

No, it won’t.

very nice watch face…thanks for sharing

On X5 the hands not showing,please fix it…

missing/deleted image from Google+

I’m sorry I don’t even have watch to test it, I’m waiting my watch to arrive.
please make sure to copy all files included in folder (second_hand.png, minute_hand.png and hour_hand.png).
otherwise, maybe someone could help about this issue
anybody got the same experience?

It’s all in the folder…

Beside the dials not showing, also the stepcounter did not show on my X5. I have tinkered with it and now I think it works very well on the X5.

@Julian_H_Jharrvis , feel free to adopt my changes.

@Ronald_Jansen Thanks for your update, download file update.

I’ll try,and let you know of it works…

For me it’s the same…

Try download update from @Ronald_Jansen ​

Super watch face…really nice one.

Now it’s working,thanks Ronald Jansen,but i have an empty clock space,how to get rid of it?

@Adrian_Carcei , then you’re doing something wrong, because my version really works, see following photo of clockskin in action on my X5:

tha watchface is working fine,the problem is cause between clock faces of the watch,i have an empty space…

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+