My running app and google fit

Google just put out an update to google fit. My running app on my watch now doesn’t sync.

Has anyone else had that problem?

Im going to look for a copy of the older version of fit and see if going to it fixes the problem. (sad because I liked the extra page in the new Got that shows “vitals”)

I suspect this won’t work because the Fit API is part of Play Services. Unless MRA is updated for the new Fit API requirements I think you’re out of luck. I’m using Fit’s own activity tracking now which is good enough for my purposes.

I’m using FITs internal as well until I find a new one.
Im looking at map my run (walk, ride, fitness) set of apps. The interface is very simple on the watch screen.

We have lost all contact with the MRA developers i’m afraid . Its a shame more people didnt support the app and maybe they would have continued updates for A10 etc