My New Watchface - (Rectangular) - 'The Beatles V2'

Here is my new watch face. “The Beatles V2”.
Free to use for all forum members.
Not for distribution of re-sharing without permission.


I am trying to learn some basic watch-face development skills and this watch-face is for rectangular watches (e.g. Ticwris Max S and LEM T)

Basic Features:
Analogue Clock
Digital Clock
Hrs, mins, secs, current temp, step-count, battery level, weekday, month and date

Each member of The Beatles is a touch-point to activate basic functions of Android 7.1.1

Paul = Contacts
John = Messaging
George = Google Play Store
Ringo = Voice Assistant

Also the central Drum-Kit will activate the watch “Music” function.

Credits: and Google Images (Google Images)


I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Enjoy


Ok Gaz, I like it :+1:…but it is sorta sacrilegious to say that the Beatles were square man, you know? I mean you could rile some dedicated fans…oh…er :woozy_face:…pardon me Gaz, it’s the face thats square (And possibly the maker! :crazy_face:) and not the Bugs! Well ok Gazman, this one should be a hit with all those “Square” Beatle fans! :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Ring…er…Doons

Thanks @Doonsbury mate, I apolgise for being sacrilegios. I gues I’ll just have to learn to do etter.

I promise I will do better “When I’m Sixty-Four” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Very nice :+1:

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Thank you @Dr_Andy_Vishnu