My modification of Dr.BRIBIN BRIGHT's paper watch face,

My modification of Dr.BRIBIN BRIGHT’s paper watch face, based off of SmartWatch Ticks’s own modifications. Changed battery and second timer to match font and added battery icon.


This skin has been one of my regular “Go To” faces when out and about because of the good daytime readability on any watch, it’s realistic feel, it’s layout on both round and square watches, and all the right info I’m looking for at a glance. Your enhancements are great! Thanks @Inceptual_Games .

Would be nice to have a negative, “chalkboard” version of it, for the oled X5 :wink:

This works amazingly well on the THOR PRO with a transflective screen that can be seen easily in direct sunlight. I keep it as my main face all the time on that watch.

@SmartWatch_Ticks good to hear this is still being used :slight_smile:

Oh yes, @Inceptual_Games , I don’t leave home without it! Thanks.

Hi. Link seems to be down. Can you pls upload it again. Thx

Inceptual Games link is down. please reupload.

Can you put an active download link?