My LEMFO LEM5 will not load past the startup screen

I have a LEMFO LEM5 and it just froze and will not boot past the startup screen. And when I connect it to my PC I do not see the watch as a Drive any longer. This happened after I added a couple of new watchfaces into the clockskin folder.
 The watchfaces did show and worked as they should. But now I need to fix this problem. Do I need to open the watch and disconnect the battery and hold the power button down for a few seconds and then reconnect the battery. Or is there another fix needed?
 I disconnected the watch battery for about 10 minutes then reconnected it. This idea did not fix the problem. The watch still will not boot past the startup screen. I freezes at the LEM5 logo.

Well it looks like I am going to need to flash the firmware on my lemfo lem5 watch. Opened it & looked for the motherboard model number but cannot locate any numbers other than one circle containing these numbers GW17 0407 Also in chipset is cc2540 F256
and T16AJ PHD6 G4
So I have no idea with firmware to install or how to do it. But first step it knowing the correct firmware. There are bar code numbers on the box if that is any help. And I do need HELP.
I love this watch and want to get it going again. Just need some guidance.

Thank you for having this SmartWatch Group. 


The problem is fixed. I watched a YouTube Video where the Lemfo LEM5 was not working. Fixed by shutting watch off “black screen” then holing down the power button & the Emergency call botton" it is button #3 until it goes into the Recovery Menu. Use button #1 to scroll to the Data tab and click it. Then wait about 3 to 4 minutes for it to start working properly.

Thanks to the person who made this YouTube Video. Thank You many times over.