My latest WATCH FACE. For Java Programmers.

My latest WATCH FACE.
For Java Programmers.
Inspired by many other Android Wear watch face like this. But this I actually write the codes it self in Sublime Text 3, screenshot, and edit it in Photoshop.

This would look great on Square watch since no text is cutout, but still looks good on my D5. not many people will like this, if not so sorry :frowning:

Download :


Wait, this is a watch face!

yes it is hahaha @Will_Smith

it is a watch faces ?

@SamsungXP yes it a watch face that looks like a Java codes

@Karol_Kin thank you :smiley:

@Alessandro_Limonta I could do the C++ one when I have free time. As for assembly, sorry I don’t know haha

@Alessandro_Limonta yeah too bad it to small haha. Not suitable for daily use. But to show off to people is okay hahahah

Looks interesting on my square No.1 D6, the time is a little bit hard to find :slight_smile:

@j_wo_jak yes its too small :frowning: I should have make the font bigger

Que arte! Ahora he entendido el fondo de pantalla.

How i put this beautiful watchface in to my k88h?