My latest Clockskin is the IWC Schaffhausen Perpetual Calendar Double Moon First All credits

My latest Clockskin is the

IWC Schaffhausen Perpetual Calendar Double Moon

First All credits to:

I build it from scratch with Watchface Designer and Photoshop

Moon Fase
Day Of the Week
Day Number of the Week
And of course the Time :wink:



Dirty clock?

Excuse sir @bricky_vl ​ I am new in this community. How I get this amazing fabulous watch into watchmaker for my gear S3? Thx for your time and help

Sorry @SkyDupont This Watchface is not for Android Wear

@Roel_Stoffer @Pablo_Ortiz @Pablo_Ortiz @Luiz_Bruno_Reimann1
I have Change the link for the correct one :slight_smile:

@SkyDupont this forum has it’s name for a reason - no Wear faces here

great job, thanks

Can you explain please the moon phases?
Also do you think a second more colorful (in circles) edition?

Thanks, beautiful face

doesn’t work lem pro 5

@dmitry_osipov What doesn’t work on your watch ?
On my Lemfo Lem5 it’s working fine.

it show wrong day…always late 1 day…can you tell me how fix that?

Hi stupin
thank you for your awareness.
I have fixed the clockskin and placed a new download link.
Greets Bricky.


Thank you, @bricky_vl!

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@bricky_vl: Beautiful and nicely done :ok_hand:

@Ken_Nguyen Thank you!!!

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@bricky_vl Just loaded this face on to my Kospet Hope lite and it looks magnificent! Everything seems to be working correctly and all the dials are registering the correct information and I am using the standard launcher on my watch. Many thanks for this one mate, it is awesome! :+1::+1:Cheers, Doons

Thank you!!! @Doonsbury
And nice to hear that everything is working fine.

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Guys you are really great and it is amazing how good you are doing this for all of us,Now, i have a brand new kospet optimus pro, first full android ever, although I really tried to understand from your pages how to download those beautifull faces to the watch i could not make it. Is this can be somehow done directly to the watch or I need to install Universal louncher, or…Please be so kind and advice since obviously you are doing it. Many thanks

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Hey @Zrimad , welcome!
For installing the watchfaces, download the zip file of the face you want, unzip it and put the folder in the “clockskin” folder on your watch’s main storage

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