...my latest clockskin Diesel Mr.

…my latest clockskin

Diesel Mr. Daddy

Inspired by Diesel DZ7350

Credit to Dieselwatches :


Made by me, with PS.
There was tricky, lot of work, with difficult layers, styles.
I think, the final face looks nice on watches, and useable
Free to use just for this community, hope you like it!

Two version inside the zip, rose, and silver.



Very nice as usual. Thanks!

Woow I want this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thank you so much :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Great job, thanks for sharing :+1:t3:

Gooood ! Very good ! Thank you

Someone can share by Dropbox please, to install with watchmaker.

@Nicolas_Destagnol No wachmaker file.
This is for full android watches, x/+ series Clockskin!

Wow these are really great!!!

Is it for android wear

If yes then which app should i use

Magic! Thank you Master!

@Krunal_Parate Not for Android Wear!

Very Nice. Congratulations. Very Beautiful

very nice, thank you.

The very one best skin for watch in this forum. Wow good job and félicitation for this watch.

Hello… Wow it’s awesome… Can songbook
Somebody tell him to use it on my kingwear kw88… M actually new with this… Xx :grinning:

great work, thank`s

Great job very nicely done

Hi there does this one work on ‘Y3’? thanks

@Vincent_L_Luong With universal launcher, I hope :slight_smile: