My latest BIG number watch... "Around the World in 80 seconds"...

My latest BIG number watch… “Around the World in 80 seconds”… clean and simple, digital time and step counter…inspired by Andrew Somers panoramic watch skins, I used a (large - 1400x1400) graphic that rotates to reveal World landmarks… the rainbow jets rotate in the opposite direction…

An original design by me, Andrew Davis… if you would like a download of this watchskin then please send £0.90/$1/€1 to:

Don’t forget to put “80 seconds” as a reference/subject… :slight_smile:

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Finally got around to looking at this between battery tests on my watches and this is REALLY COOL! You’ve got a great eye for making playful faces. Thanks for the constantly changing creativity. This is my new favorite. I still gotta plow through battery testing on my watches, but when that’s done, I’ll be parading around with this face proudly spinning on my watch.

@SmartWatch_Ticks Did you get to see Santa and the “falling” snow?

Nice. I thought of having a plane on mine too, but never got around to it

@Andrew_Somers What about Earth from space? :slight_smile:

I did toy with that for a while. The images were too large (bricked my watch at one stage). My neurons haven’t given up though, they talk to me in my sleep.