My latest animated skin - with a Star Trek theme... watch Spock get "transported"...

My latest animated skin - with a Star Trek theme… watch Spock get “transported”…


  • temp
  • Moon phase
  • day, month, date
  • hours, minutes, seconds
  • steps
  • heart rate
  • battery level

Live long and prosper…

As I haven’t got my new dock yet I haven’t tested this on my D5… if you download it please let me know if it works as expected :slight_smile:

looks even better on the D5 than the CSM. Works perfectly, it’s pretty cool.
giving that NASA font a work out :slight_smile:

I think that with the Wear skins you’re able to “attach” a font set and each character is then generated as and when the watch needs it… but as you and I know, we have to “make” each and every character that we need…

Having already made days, months and a number set (in the NASA font) I thought it’d save me a bit of time… wrong!

I ended up reworking most of the characters that I needed… but I did find a few short cuts:


  • make the biggest size you’ll need (eg hours)
  • use it again by “resizing” the same set when you use it for (say) minutes
  • in CSM use the width/height tool in the “Properties” box
  • multiply the w/h by the same value to keep the characters in proportion
  • a similar result to using Image>Scale Image in Gimp but in CSM you can very quickly tweek the sizes and immediately see what it looks like on the watch
  • make a master character set in Gimp
  • invert colour, recolour, resize as needed
  • or
  • quickly change a font colour by using a coloured “filter/overlay”
  • 1 filter is quicker than changing 10 characters
  • I used a 50% opacity filter to change the colour of the seconds from white to purple

Things that you’d most probably already picked up… but if anybody else should happen to read this they might find it useful :slight_smile:

great skin Andrew!

Hi AS…
Read this thread… it’s a similar problem to the one that you are having…

The problem with the battery’s hand is not the clockwise/counterclockwise but the property which doesn’t work as expected. That is an already reported bug in the official bug list.

The solution is to create the hand image not with the tip toward the top (0 degrees), but with the tip toward the intended initial angle, 180 degrees in your case.

This is useful too…

@Alex_Sadov Have a look at the attached photo…

I’ve made a few changes to your watch and I think that it will now work correctly (let me know) :slight_smile:

Арте́льный горшо́к гу́ще кипи́т… :slight_smile:

Google is a great thing :slight_smile:

Great watchface, its just a bit odd to see Spock in a TNG setting, would be better if he was in his TOS surrounding… but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

@I_Alif_Siregar TNG… TOS… you must have missed a whole series :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis lol :sweat_smile:

I’ve just used SHAREit to download the skin to my D5… and it looks very odd… the transporter effect is easy to change… but the black numbers are all over the place… !?!

@Andrew_Somers in another post I put my thoughts about a quick way of reusing a font by resizing in CSM… I now think that this might not be an option… resizing (scaling) in Gimp looks to be the safer option…

Sorry, didn’t notice the numbers. I was too mesmerised by the transporter.
I tried re-scaling in CSM but I think it loses resolution if you go down then back up again. Gimp will have the same problem, so I always start from the base image. e.g. if I reduce to 20% then realise that I need to go up 10% I’ll undo till I get back to 100% then reduce to 30%. This way the quantisation errors don’t accumulate.

And where does Spock go? Hey I just thought if @SmartWatch_Ticks does a video with 2 watches a few seconds out then Spock might appear to jump from one watch to the other :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Somers I’ve had a few similar problems on other watches when there are lots of layers and/or lots of “tricks” going on…

Mr.Spock would certainly have this watch face to see very happy . now flies his spirit through the galaxy

As said: Kind a problem with this WF, the guy with the blue shirt and pointy ears always disappears from the screen and then returns
The battery load adds a minus. The “Beam met up Scotty” button is’t visible!

Is this watch face still available?? One of the links stated the document was gone??