My first impression

A short ressume. If you want to have a round product out of the box and in case of questions a open minded community the you may be disapointed.Dort get me wrong the Support here is great but nothing for beginners Its to nerdy. The watch comes with a small paper. At least for me to small printed. No chance to get it as PDF. No further assistence offered. This seems to be the only forum to get more informations. But the structure its suboptimal. No download section, topics written like a chat. If you dort know for what to search exactly its almost no chance.
At the moment the watch is an expansive toy. The “always on option” is not working.And if so the battery would give up soon.For a watch to see the time fast not really nice. As a fitness gadget also useless. The Wiiwear 2 App is not longer abel to connect the watch. Using watch droid is possible but the values for step and heart rate are random. Example. The watch shows 2000 steps. My fitbit Band says 1800. The difference is ok. Watch droid says 8000. Toghether with the missing sleep sensor no use for me.
To change the watchfaces is not easy if you want something besides the already deliverd ones.
In my opinion its at least 3 years to early at least for me.

@GUCKY I, personally, both agree as well as disagree with you on these points. You are right that this forum is the only support we have for these android watches. But i want to tell you that i am using my watch (which is one of these watches) as a replacement of a smartphone because i hate to keep a bulkier gadget in my pocket. As far as i can tell you, my watch (which is 1.6’’ screen) is able to fulfill my needs PARTLY. One takeaway from my current watch experience is that i would go with a rectangular wider and a thinner screen next time (if i go with android watch at all). I also agree with you that topics on this forum are not so well organized as you find help for other branded electronic gadgets. But we cannot blame this forum for that because i think administrators here are not full time employees of the brands like LEMFO, KOSPET, etc. These companies, although provide limited support, lacks a full fledged servicing and support as you find with global companies like Apple, Samsung, etc. Main plus points of these watches are that i find them 1) standalone phone, 2) With Cameras (front and side), 3) Based on android. Negative points are: 1) Very limited servicing and support, 2) Look-wise thicker.

Tip: If you open this website from smartphone, the topics of this forum looks better organized. For example you will find around 800 topics in the software and development section. You need to go though these to find subject of your interest. Similarly for other sections like custom watchfaces, etc.

To anyone with these or similar experiences I suggest you spend considerable time on Mr. Ticks You tube channel with a large bowl of popcorn watching a lot of videos. They don’t have to be just for your particular watch. They all are very similar. It will be very informative.


i came from a lemt, the difference in performance thanks to the new cpu is evident, powerful! I am very satisfied with the purchase even if the 900 battery compared to the 2700, is felt all right!