My first and also nostalgic watchface

Just create watchface based on my old led watch back in my elementary school.
combining with lem t big watch it really feels like when I was playing power rangers with my friends back in the day lol.

Created using CSM (I have no idea how to add new font to WFD and change resolution to 640x480)

Download here


Very nostalgic! :clap:
To add a new font in WFD, install it normally in windows with the statement “install it for all users”.
To create a clock face with the specified resolution in the WFD menu
choose NEW and in the open window you can give the desired resolution and then unchecking “perfect circle”, and checking “Automatically …”. Then on the worksheet uncheck the “Round face” menu bar.


Thanks for resolution tip, but for font since the options only install so I choose it and it still not showing on WFD. perhaps I will check it throughly later when making another watchface.


Ok, look for the fonts you need and downloaded to the place where you downloaded ex. c / user / download or anywhere else and then right-click on it without opening and “Install for all users”. Trust me it will work. Untitled2


You are 100% correct :+1: . This is the way to do this . For macs its automatic after a restart

Thank you. it works. :+1: