My experience with the Lokmat Appllp 4 Pro

Hello everyone, i use my lokmat Appllp 4 almost 4 months and the battery is very bad.
i must charge my battery 2 or 3 times a day without using my watch a lot. and when my battery reach under 50% then i have problems swith my screen. I think the screen need more then 50% .
Sometimes it goes very fast with my battery and then my watch is also very hot. I don’t use a lot of apps 3 or 4 android apps and no not realy very heavy apps. Sometimes when my battery reach 30 or 40% my watch go off. It’s a shame that this watch is equipped with such a bad battery. This makes the watch almost unusable. Telephoning also often causes problems, sometimes the conversation is broken after 10 seconds or people can not reach me. I still haven’t tried the many sports apps and the other things because of the battery. I think the gps is ok, i use sygic app for navigation and til now it works good. It’s a shame but unfortunately, I have almost everything out and only use the watch to call sometimes and for watch to the time. But these things are my problems with my watch and this is my opinion about the Lokmat Appllp 4 Pro.

Have you tried a factory reset ? This is always the first thing to try


Try to set the network only on 3G mode. Not 4G. The watch uses more battery power when is used on 4G mode. And also, disable the “always use network when connected to wifi” option. That really worked for me. Otherwise, any Android watch can’t last more than 3 or 5 hours at day without being charged again.

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i go try maby this is better

i watch to the settings and i see most of the time it is automatic on 2G

On the settings menu → network & internet → mobile network → advanced

Mobile data always online: OFF
Preferred network: 3G/2G auto

If this doesn’t work either, then it could be definitely a battery issue.

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