My Donation Watch Face for KW98 it's actually create for Android 4.4.2 Download :

My Donation Watch Face for KW98
it’s actually create for Android 4.4.2

Download :


Beautiful @Julian_H_Jharrvis .

That’s a great combination of colour and design… the lines of the KW98 are quite striking and this face compliments it very (very) well :slight_smile:

Very nice work Julian :+1::+1:

@Julian_H_Jharrvis ​ can you drop a copy of this in the commercial watch faces section please? Otherwise they can’t use it. Those are the rules :slight_smile: :+1:

Can you help to move it to the right section. I can’t find menu to move post. Thanks.

Yes - no problem. Done

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

Very nice looking on an X5 too

Looks wow…how to install this on my MOTO G360 - 2015?

@Ankit_Goenka you can’t - it’s a completely different design

Can someone please make this for Moto 360

How can I use this on my X5?

Put it in your Clockskin folder on the watch

the battery button is not showing right…

@Julian_H_Jharrvis would you give your consent for me to convert it to a standalone watchface app so it can be installed on KW88 and others? You would be credited for the artwork.
It’s a beautiful elegant watchface. Would look nice on the IQI I2.

Hi @Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf thanks for interesting to use my design, you can convert to apk and give copyright credit to me.

Thank you I will do so. Magnificent design.
I will convert it if I find some time this week.
Could you please list the features this watch has, so I don’t forget one when implementing.
Also on the “side Winds” are those screws, or could those be LED’s. If if can be LED’s I could make them “low power, charge, full” (RED-YELLOW-GREEN left side) and BT connected/Message received Indicator (BLUE right side) LEDS.

One of the important commitments in converting watchface designs to my APK framework should be the 100% exact duplication of the design and functions as targeted by the artist. Only with agreement between Artist and Programmer, changes should be made to the design and functionality.

Sorry @A_vdK , having serious time issues in private life and business. No time yet to finish or work on watchfaces.