My D5+ arrived yesterday ;-) Nice watch ..a bit different then the KW88 and

My D5+ arrived yesterday :wink:

Nice watch …a bit different then the KW88 and so I have a question.

When loosing BT connection it gives a horrible and loud sound …how to turn off or lower volume?
Saw a thread about it here but it doesn’t have a solution.

When I get a notification it trembles and alarms, but the screen doesn’t turn on, how can I change it so it does turn on ?


Go in your smartwach helper application in the D5+ and change the prefs to turn the screen on. that’s all.

@Eric_Crochemore Thanks , was looking in the helper app on my phone ,not in the D5+ …so easy …

Better off using Paco’s M2D app. He’s done a fantastic job on it just for our watches and it works a treat. Even over bluetooth only now !
Check out his new beta version. Amazing :slight_smile:

will do…thnx

Hi @Martin_Nijhuis , later can you post a comparation of this two watchs? :slight_smile: Thanks

@Antonio_Praca sorry , don’t have time for that right now and knowing me I want it to be good and that does take time.Also smartwatch ticks has already some good footage of these watches.

Ok @Martin_Nijhuis no problem.
Just want to know if D5+ is much better than kw88 Day by Day…

@Antonio_Praca I now have a moment so I can tell you that D5+ isn’t much better then KW88 as you put it. Loses bt connection once in a while with screaming alarm which you can’t turn off or volume down. GPS seems better in KW88. Screen smaller… But looks nicer on my wrist (matter of taste) and the adding and choosing of CF is way better.
The leather strap looks nice.It’s a bit heavier then the KW88.
If I would would have to choose I couldn’t , both have there + and - .
Would be nice to have them both melted into one…for now I continue wearing the D5+ and learning/adjusting it more.

Anyone a solution for this loud connection loss signal? It’s really annoying

Thanks Martin, very usefull your opinion as you have both.
I think that loose connection is a problem without solution. I feel same on my watch until now without solution. I Just tried NotiSinc but have problems too… No I am testing m2d app and I think is better but is at betta release for SmartWatches.
Hope sinwear from kw88 Will be better because Im waiting my kw88 :slight_smile:

Are you sure it’s not your phone that has problem with BT ? My D5 never disconnect from my phone… I have a Honor 7 with Android 6.

The first day it disconnected 3 times…today till now not once …
Don’t have a problem when it does but the loud alarm and not being able to lower volume or just buzz instead of alarm is a pitty;-(

@Antonio_Praca Unfortunately KW88 has terrible BT connection stability.
@Martin_Nijhuis have you tried using M2D? Much better and no ridiculous alarm

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Tried it , went back to original. have to install M2D manager as well and I think I did something wrong because notifications kept coming in old way and the watch got warm if not hot at the back. I removed the sender and the receiver and the manager , to much for what it does .
But that’s just me , the way the standard notifications work is fine by me but its that disconnect sound I’d like to turn off.
Today it didn’t disconnect once but just because one should be able to turn off or change volume I want to :wink:

@Martin_Nijhuis Don’t feel Aline about M2D, i dont understand how it works. I Can only see notification when opening the app, so no use for me. Probably i’m missing something. :thinking:

On my watch M2D sometimes don’t show notification, only vibre, and not show contact name… Only number calling.
Assist helper app from no1 (like D5) loose connection sometimes and never connect again automatic when phone came near from watch. In this chaper M2D is good, connect when phone is near again.

I don’t think M2D does phone calls notification . Have you been to Paco’s thread? It’s working well for many users…

Hi @Martin_Nijhuis on your D5+ Watch helper app became more stable?
If you loose connection when away from phone, will reconnect again auto when you approach the phone?
Call notifications (by call phone received) show contact photo on D5+ and you can accept and reject call?

@Antonio_Praca Hi, I didn’t loose connection any more and when I did it reconnected when within range again.
Had to compute a while I was close to the phone but it did connect.
When getting a call on my S6 (phone) it tells me who is calling (as long as you have the number in your phone book it does) but it don’t show a contact photo. My KW88 does I believe but I’ll have to check.
It does not let me accept or reject.
That is because it is BT notification only .
I do have a sim in it but in my country when buying 2 sims of the same tel number only one can be active.
So have the sim in the D5+ on airplane mode and can use it in case I forgot my S6 or whenever I want to.
As soon as I use my watch to phone someone it acts completely as a phone so I see photo’s can accept or reject …etc etc.
But when do ,as explained , the sim in my S6 will deactivate

There can be only one Connor MacLeod…(highlander :wink: )

I know as a solution I can also obtain a separate sim that has only internet but I won’t .