My attempt at a Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Spherotourbillon Moon Watch... albeit with a few changes.

My attempt at a Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Spherotourbillon Moon Watch… albeit with a few changes.
Large dial - 12 hr clock
Top small dial - 24 hr clock
Bottom small dial - seconds
Moon phase is now a sun-moon dial
Space to left of large dial - all manner of turny-cum-rotatey things (which I hope doesn’t detract from the beauty of the Jaeger)


Oops, the second hand was running backwards… so I’ve just updated the zip file and put in a new shareable link…

Peter Koops… here’s you watch…

@Andrew_Davis Andrew, great job on this. It looks magnificent! You are very talented. Could you please consider doing this fine Rolex design? Thanks in advance.

@A1_Web Hi A1… you post says Rolex - your link says Omega… ?

I’m sorry Andrew, it’s an Omega. Not a Rolex, my mistake.

this watchface is magnificent…thank you for your hard work and a beautiful face

@Cristian_Gatica_Esco Do you think that the face needs to be brighter (more contrast)?

@Andrew_Davis i Think the face is perfect as it is… Very beautiful

@A1_Web Omega De Ville (with a twist)…

Hello Andrew,

tanks a lot for making this for me ( and others off course ).

It looks great on my X1.

Keep up the good work !!!

Do you have a program to do this and if so is it possible to send it to me so i can give it a try?

@spook_retep Hello Peter, you are very welcome… I used two programs: WatchSkinMaker and Gimp… there’s a link to WSM in the Custom Face Development area (if you like it, you can make a donation) and Gimp is a freeware program (search with Google)… best regards, Andrew…

Hello Andrew,

thanks a lot .
I will give it a try.

@spook_retep When you use WSM you will be able to see how I put the watch together in layers… you’ll be able to take the watch apart: the different cogs, oscillating wheel and rotating tourbillon… and put it back together in whatever order you prefer… you could also change any of the dials, to perform other functions… day, month, battery etc… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips Andrew, i will surely take a look at it and try it myself.