Multi-format faces that don't belong in a single "round or square" category

Creating this space for cross-usage faces.
Designs that will work on either shape screen.
Some have been formatted to work on round screens but are rectangular by original design.

This round watch disappeared from the forum as it was confused with a rectangular watch. In re-posting it I have added a thin, white bezel so as to avoid confusion. Viewed on your watch, increase the “scale value” to eliminate the bezel.



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No confusion.
It is a design that is rectangular but forced to work on a circular screen.
New section created.

I’m stumped…It was designed as a round face with an image that is - indeed - rectangular. Not being familiar with rectangular WFD smartwatches, I’m not sure it will work with them as it is on a 400x400 circle.

If you feel it will work there, please add it to that category as I don’t know how.

As of 10:00am EST, I cannot find my watch in any of the various categories you suggested???

I still cannot find my watch on round OR rectangular… Where is it?