MTK EPO GPS Fix (Requires root access)

Since all of our devices are running on a MTK cpu, i figured i would post this here as in theory it should work on all of our watches. I have the Lemfo Lem T (TicWris 1.9 firmware)

I was having an issue trying to get directions through google maps. Couldnt get a lock and it frustrated the heck out of me. Its been awhile since i had a mtk device, but it wasnt my first one so I went searching for some of the old gps fixes until my search pulled this up: MTK EDO GPS FIX APP I installed it and installed busybox as well (MUST HAVE IT INSTALLED). Clicked on the update button and tried to do a search, instantly acquired lock!!! Also for suggestions, I removed google map and installed google map go and google navigation go (addon). They are technically web apps so less strain on your device and they work perfect. The app uses your web browser to work. Im using chrome, but i put chrome in lite mode. You can find that in settings of the app. Once i did i noticed it was a lot snappier. I hope this helps others who are having issues and looking for an easy fix.

update I didn’t have to do this with the Lemfo Lem T firmware v2.0

Does this app require root access?

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Yes it does. I used magisk and installed busybox free with no problems

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