Mr. Jones, Beam Me Up

This playful Mr. Jones watch was designed by French Author-Illustrator, Xavier Broche.

Beam me up! is a celebration of the unexplained: A visitor from outer space hovers above a farm, searching for life on our green planet…
A mischievous piglet in the field runs in an endless loop, trying to escape the beam from the UFO.

How to read the time

The time telling on the Beam me up! watch is integrated within the image:
-The beam emitted by the flying saucer marks the minutes.
-The position of the pig on the watch face marks the hours.

Will work on any Launcher.

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Out of this world!

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Thanks, @doubledad. I couldn’t ignore this watch…

This is awesome! Right up my alley! Thank you Gin! I notice the designer of this watch has made the UFO land on a remote farm and is maybe trying to beam up the pig. LOL this is a riot! Oh ha! Nevermind I just read your description!


Thank you, @Louis_Peek . I love Mr. Jones watches because they are very different. I discovered this yesterday and couldn’t resist!


Awesome work G . Love this collection :+1:

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Thanks doc. I’m not entirely satisfied as the color is different from the original. But it looks good on the watch.

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It does so much in fact i’m thinking of going backwards and buying a Finow X5 just to put it on :laughing:

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Yes, Mr. Jones watches are very creative, unique and attractive, including this one. Great work @G1NT0N1C ! I wonder whether there may be an error on the Mr. Jones website, as their website description (and yours) says pig=hours and beam=minutes, but their website picture implies beam=hours and pig=minutes, as watch manufacturers always show their watches at the time of 10:10. That seems to be why their picture and yours appear reversed relative to showing the time 10:10. :thinking:

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You’re right. However, the description seems to be correct because I have also studied videos of this watch. And also in the videos, the pointers behave like on the website description and on my watch face.


I watched a video of the watch (an unboxing video) and you are right. It’s like in the old prison escape movies, the searchlight always moves faster than the escapees.

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I suspect that this different pointer position was chosen to make it clear that the cone of light is chasing the pig. Otherwise it would not be so clear.


Bloody awesome!!
Thanks @G1NT0N1C :+1::+1:

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It was fun! Thank you, @pablo11 ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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