Mr. Jones, a perfectly useless afternoon

Here comes another watch from Mr. Jones, called “a perfectly useless afternoon”. The idler’s outstretched leg marks the hours. The rubber duck marks the minutes. Have fun.

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Ah, I ask you in all honesty Kiddies, can there be any more heart warming a sight than @G1NT0N1C playing with his Rubber Ducky?! :crazy_face: Of course, some (Like @Dr_Andy_Vishnu) would no doubt nod condescendingly and say "Rather than “Heart warming” I would much prefer to call it early senility signals! :woozy_face: But the face is topical because as it happens, the ole Doons is cleaning out his pool at the moment ! So G1N, if you could make a face with 3ft of green, thick sludge and a disheveled old Dude wading around in the middle of it…well I’d be much obliged! :rofl:
Nice face mate! :+1: :+1:Looks somehow relaxing on that pic of the watch! Cheers, “Oh well, back on with the Gumboots”! :woozy_face:, Doons


Brilliant work . Love the collection :+1: