More distribution without consent or even a credit.

More distribution without consent or even a credit.
I have emailed him but please keep an eye on it.
I strongly recommend that you issue takedown notices if you own some of these attached to the video
@zsolt_m definitely one or 2 of yours in there.
There is a zip attached with 39 faces inside.

I can appreciate it annoys you but in reality there isn’t anything you can do… it’s not copyright material to begin with… Nor are individuals sharing here in a position to claim ownership or shut others down for sharing the work… Sorry if you believe otherwise and I appreciate your concerns, but there isn’t anything you can do about it… Google won’t shut down his site etc… He’s simply re-sharing public posts info etc… Nothing is licenced nor copyrighted… As such there is NO recourse… He’s not rebranding or claiming to have created them himself either so that’s a dead end.

thers one of mine
but its from 2016 maby 17 (huwaui

@Max_Robinson actually not true.
The owner of an original work (not a homage to a brand obviously) has every right to protect their work as described here and many other places
The same applies to photographs and digital images of all kinds.
@Terry_Zahn and @Killer_Watch_Face_Cr can probably correct me if I am wrong.
Here’s the thing - the video in itself is fairly innocuous but the sharing of a zip file containing original works without owners consent is actionable under copyright. It is attached to show notes - unless it has been removed…
So Google and YouTube have every right to issue a takedown notice and surprisingly - they do quite often.

Just to add to this :
@Curtis_Ratcliff and @Homeozone_Family_hea if you think that this is correct and artists original work can be taken and reshared without permission - maybe you should go to a community that allows this.
Our ethics are strong and we actually give a shit about our members rights and try to encourage their development and support them.
I find it upsetting that you thumbs up a post like that without checking the facts. Especially when the facts are extremely easy to confirm and clearly state that the owners of these works are protected by digital copyright laws

This community has a membership agreement that the original works shared here are classed as “single user license”

In layman’s terms this means that the work can be used by the person who downloaded it - but strictly for their own personal use. Redistribution or resharing is not permitted. Commercial use is not permitted.

If you disagree with our terms and agree that our members have no rights for their work - you are not welcome here.

@Eric_Crochemore ,
@sonia_sophie_ataunna ,
@G1NT0N1C ,

Moderator team and friends - please feel free to comment and share information for the benefit of our members here.

I will be adding this to the main post here as well. I don’t think our artists fully understand that their work is protected - from the point they create it.

Yep…true… I made more than hundred clockskin, and more than hundred wm watchface. I made those free for this community to use, and free for wm community to use. I’m lost my interessant to fight with those little thieves. Spend lot of days, weeks, months to testing, rework, test again my creations. Others just grab, copy and redistribute, or sell my works too. Sorry but thats not for me. I have some never released face , maybe once I will share that, but tired to hunt with these little dwarfs. Thanks for understanding.

@zsolt_m thanks mate. I absolutely understand the pain involved in filling out the take down notice forms - time and time again :frowning:
It’s miserable and I hate the fact that we have to go through this garbage.
We really miss you here… Your excellent works of art, mentoring and moderating - amazing!
I hope you (and family) are ok and everything is working out ok for you at the moment…
Would love to have you back but I understand that you are on a different path at the moment.
Take care my friend :+1::+1:

If everyone made just Trump watchfaces, the problem would be solved. No one would like them except me! :smiley:

@Louis_Peek lol. :slight_smile:

Actually, if I get my computer going, I might make one! :smiley:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Take a look at this - it´s an video ad from “” posted by “Intelligent Technology” on Facebook:
Beside many kown designs from here, they also took two of my designs (like in the video you posted) and use it clearly in a commercial way.
Anything we can do here? Or should we consider things like this as a tribute to our work?

Yes there is.
If you have the original data you can ask Facebook to take it down. You can also find where it is hosted and issue them with a take down notice.
You have to be able to prove that you own it and it is an original design - not a homage to a brand. It also depends on the country where it is hosted and also where you posted it originally.
Check out the rules on Facebook. They will act as long as you can provide the proof of ownership

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Okay, then this will be more like a fight against windmills than a potential success. The video is currently shared from different pages - where it is hosted is unclear. You won’t find the video on the Coolshop page.

This is probably the “price of success” and we have to consider this kind of distribution as a tribute to our work. If our watchfaces were not as good as they are, they wouldn’t appear in such videos. It still makes me a bit angry - and some kind of tired…

@Maik_Dahles did you disable re-shares on your posts? I know - this is horrible :frowning:
All I can say is that it’s best to sign your images and if you want to enable approved downloads only - it’s understandable.
The internet is a savage environment :frowning: