MONTBLANC Timewalker Chronograph Automatic CREDITS: FEATURES:

MONTBLANC Timewalker Chronograph Automatic



  • Battery level
  • Day (as the original)
  • Weekday
  • 12 second dial

Made it completly in Watchface Designer (@Marco_Ferreira ), only the hands are taken from WatchAWear. I assembled in GIMP and made some minor tweaks like shadows and the date box.

Watchface Designer:

In the ZIP file you will find two faces one in spanish and the other in english.


Download a version with light gray hands:

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@Alberto_Romero please remove the seller link, thats not allowed. Put a credit to the manufacturer.

@Alberto_Romero ​ Thank you very much, this face is fantastic. If it does not bother you, could you make a version replacing the black color of the main pointers with a lighter color such as light gray?

In fact, @Berilo_Passos ​, before posting this version, I was playing with some versions with different intensities of gray. Later, I’ll post another one.

@Alberto_Romero Many thanks, my friend. I’ll wait.

Hi Roberto, I have installed it in my LEMFO LES1 but it doesn’t display the correct day of week (i.e. it displays “LUN” instead of “DOM”, always one day in advance). Anyway your watchface looks quite good. Thanks.

Excellent job

nice skin!!!#

@Berilo_Passos I uploaded a light-gray hands version as you requested me. Hope you like it and sorry for the delay.

@Alberto_Romero ​ Thank you very much, it was excellent.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Berilo_Passos I changed the link to download the light-gray hands version, the former link was broken. Sorry.

@Juan_Gabriel_Martine I’ve updated my Montblanc watchface with a new version trying to solve the problem of incorrect day of week with your LEMFO LES1. I hope I’ve solved it.

@Alberto_Romero The problem is solved and now it works flawlessly! Thanks a lot, muchísimas gracias.