Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec

A watch fit for royalty, even @Doonsbury




Ahhhhh…how refreshing it is to see that my loyal (? :woozy_face:) subjects have finally recognized my divine right to reign supreme over the Forum! In recognition of your work I have decided to elevate you from Lackey to Serf! No! Don’t thank me, I am only doing what any beloved (?!! :woozy_face:) King would do! However, Serf Doubledad (The title you shall henceforth be entitled to use!) I command you not to tell the other lackeys… @Noidremained , @Gazman and above all @Joao_Nascimento (I have a lot of trouble with that one! :crazy_face:) of your exalted elevation, else it should lead to revolt on the Forum! Well I must away to collect taxes & tributes from all and sundry. Splendid work Serf doubledad! :+1: :+1: :rofl: (Nice one DD!) Cheers, The right Royal, much beloved & admired Monarch of the Forum, King Doons

I am forever in you debt, my liege!

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I cannot comment Sire for I am but a lackey.

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That’s pretty tacky…

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