Modding Tips - Always On Time/Ambient Clock [ROOT REQUIRED]

Since i haven´t been able to recompile any apk file without errors or even working on my watch, i have been exploring other mods.
This one is easy enough and may please all of those who are tired of that ugly default Ambient Clock…
Here i will try to explain how to do it. Don´t ask me to do it for you, do it yourself and express your creativity. :slight_smile:

Points to keep in mind

  • Use small images, smaller than the existing ones if possible because larger images will impact battery performance. Use transparency instead of black (for Amoled Screens)
  • It wont be possible to add files, just replacing the existing ones, so don´t choose a complex face



  • Root access (Magisk or other)
  • File manager with root access instaled on the watch
  • USB cable/dock to transfer your files to the watch


  • Winrar (or other similar tool)
  • Image editing software to make your creations


Step 1 - Copy WearAmbientClock.apk to your PC

Open your file manager with root access on the watch and go to /system/app/WearAmbientClock and copy the file WearAmbientClock.apk to the internal storage.
Connect your watch to your PC with your USB cable/dock, go to internal storage and copy the file to your PC

Step 2 - Edit the file

Open the file on your PC with Winrar (or a similar tool) and go to res/drawable-nodpi-v4.
Here you can find the 3 files you can replace:
clock_bg_black.png - background image
clock_hour_black.png - hour hand
clock_min_black.png - minute hand
Make a backup copy of this file, just in case… Notice it´s size (mine was 52,1 KB)
After you done with your images, keeping in mind my initial points, delete the 3 files from the apk file on Winrar, rename your files to match the files you just deleted, drag them into the Winrar window and confirm the upload.
Notice if your file size again and make sure it isn´t too large (mine was 46,3 KB)

Step 3 - Upload your creation to your watch

Copy your file to your watch internal storage. Go to your watch file manager and copy the file from internal storage to /system/app/WearAmbientClock.
Change file permissions to 0644 (rw-r-r-) [I´m not sure if this step is really requred, but if you can just do it]
Close the file manager app and reboot the watch

You must be done! Enjoy your own Always On