[MOD][Official Watchmaker] For android 7.1.1 Watches

Hey, everyone!
Cheers, We already have the universal Launcher from Eric which is great and supports Watchmaker Watchfaces.But some features like ucolor and few faces werent loading properly. Few days back i tried to install official watchmaker, but many things werent working.So i modded it to work with the latest 7.1.1 watches (Stock Launcher).
Phone Steps:

  1. Install the official Watchmaker app from play store.
  2. While setup, select any watch other than the watches having bottom notch.
  3. Copy the the .watch files to any folder in sdcard of phone.
  4. Import the .watch files one by one in Watchmaker app.
  5. Copy the BeautifulWatches folder from phone to pc and you are done with Phone Steps.
  6. Go to BeautifulWatches folder, delete preview_mini folder and rename preview_small to preview_mini.

Watch Steps:

  1. Install the app from the link below.
  2. Copy the folder from PC to Watch (sdcard)
  3. Press and hold watch face to goto complete left.The face with no Preview image is watchmaker.Click the Gear icon.Select your watchface. Enjoy

Whats working?
Everything Except Phone Battery,Weather
Ucolor is working…so you can change colors from face itself if it supports
Download Link:


It would be good a video tutorial, it’s a shame I can not try using an android 5, lem3.

Just tested and working fine. Great job !

Where are the .watch files and how to import it …?


Everything is explained in @theStrix first post.

I am Using this watch faces for awhile , most of them work normally, and I simply load them on universal launcher as normal watch faces. eg. Copy to phone and transfer it to clock skin via watch droid. I have downloaded about hundred and they work fine, also touch buttons work eg. mode, stopwatch, colors etc. Thankyou @Eric_Crochemore for excellent launcher, I am having real fun.

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Excellent… I just posted a thread on how to do this but before I saw this :joy:

You can only export user created faces though in watchmaker app…

I’d like to know if possible to export the faces you buy /download?

I have lots I’ve bought but don’t see option in watchmaker to export?

Are the watch files stored on the phone?

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No, watch files are not normally on the phone. If you can open the skin in watchmaker and modify it, then you can export the files…


This app enabled me to create a face that universal launcher couldn’t render. Also thanks to this app you can use a lot of faces without the universal launcher (good for us with no round screen)

Amazing work @theStrix I’d put this thread as the top 5 in the entire board! You deserve a medal!

Too bad though about the weather/calendar etc. But great that all the other stuff work!

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You can get weather and calendar to work too…you just need an iPhone

I have ported the official facer too…if you want i can post it

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Sure, Facer can be of some interest too.

Hello thestrix. And thx for your efforts and for any one else doing his best to improve the full android watches. Sorry but i am interested about what you wrote, but am a littel bit dumb. Cuz am not dat expert in tec. Could you pls make a step by step video or a short article with pictures, to help ppl like me to reach the good result without risking our watches pls ? Thx a lot in advance

Hi, i’m new here.
Question. I’ve an iphone combined with Kospet optimus pro. How does this work with watchmaker app tranfers etc?

Do you know how to put clockskins on your watch now ? Regardless of what phone you have ?

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you need this app only for watchmaker (.watch) faces that can’t be used in the universal launcher. I’ve made a face that only works in this mod by theStrix, but not sure if the hassle to import it is worth releasing it.

sorry for my enghish. my watch, Kospect Prime, have a problem wen you wake up.
Display remains black.

Hi . I could do with a little more information . What did you do to watch before this happened ? Did you install a clockskin ? Can you access the settings . Thanks

Check that your application is not in the background cleaner.

Now is ok. reinstaled clean.
perfect job. thanks