Mobile signal repeater

Does anyone know of a good mobile repeater ?
My watch uses much power just to try to connect the whole day, because we live in a very wake signal area. So I was just thinking that with a repeater I could avoid this, and the watch would be happy :+1:

Unfortunately, this is not the way to give advice. You need to know the local conditions. The 4G system must be measured by telephone. Which channel is used by the 4G system. In sparsely populated areas, the B20 (800Mhz) channel is usually used. There are few such devices that know the B20.

This will help you measure if you are using an android system:

This is an option if you need the B20:

Aliexpress can be selected as a GSM repeater
You will be lucky with a careful choice (old dealer in the ali, lots of sales, good reviews, possibly EU warehouse)


Well, I find this good advice, thank you for your insight :ok_hand::+1: