Minimalist email client

What email apps are people using on their FAW watches? Has anyone found something which is a bit simpler/more minimalist than Gmail or Outlook?

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I think the most easy to use is samsung email. Maybe i just got used to it.

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I use Spark, although it’s nowhere near minimalist but usable.


Proton Mail


Nice idea @Dotsfar ! :+1: I use proton on my computer as I like it’s versatility…never thought of trying it on the Prime…I’ll give it a go! Cheers, 'How come all my e-mails come back with “Return to sender” on them"? :crazy_face: :rofl:, Doons

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Thanks for the input everyone - I’ve been a fan of Fastmail and Protonmail for a while, their Android apps are better than Gmail and Outlook on phones I feel. FairEmail is brilliant too, takes a bit of setting up but the flexibility in the app is outstanding.

But for FAW watches, I’ve tested half a dozen and Outlook Lite (not Outlook!) I feel comes out on top. Replies are simple from notifications and the interface works perfectly on the 02.

Note at this point you can only use a single email account, and so this is a key limitation if you have multiple email addresses.


I just installed “fairEmail” on my watch. It is a minimalist email program. It’s open source and seems to work very well on our watches. Great importance is attached to security and data protection. I’ll keep testing it, but I think it’s a very good find!



Yes I’ve been using FairEmail as my main email client for a few years, the developer is very active and responsive to suggestions, it’s worth the small fee to upgrade as well. It looks great on a desktop Android implementation, too. I haven’t tried it on the 02 due to all the various options but I’ll give it a go based on your recommendation @G1NT0N1C ; )