Microwear H8 Review and unofficial help

Coming up any day now from @SmartWatch_Ticks if anyone is interested . Will be good to see if it follows on from the great H2 ?
We shall see eh :grin:

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I just watched this review. I’m a sucker for the big heavy watches…this one is definitely in my go zone.

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Just got the H8.
Behaves much better in comparison to the H1 i had (the battery didn’t hold for more than a few hours)
However, one of the problem with the H8 is it doesn’t come with google play and any attempt to install the APK(s) trying several versions, fails.
No google services, google maps,…
Anyone had better luck with it?

Just got my H8 3 days back. and do the firmware backup straight from it here which included gapps by default. there is also TWRP and few useful tools

EDIT: Added modified boot.img for kospet hope firmware 20191024, barometer from stock rom and sensor file to replace in system/vendor/lib/hw. a minimalist ambient clock also there.

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after throughly testing (based on my standard lol :crazy_face: ) almost all firmware on this forum, I reached a conclusion:

  1. all firmware from MT6739 based watch here can be crossflashing, with minimal bugs. BUT you must use only system.img (fimware from other watch) and boot.img (stock) to boot the watch. Also the scatter file MUST from your stock rom.
  2. Since my watch is Microwear H8 (M04 development name) is based from C7S board, the safest way to get updated firmware from another watch is to use the same screen resolution (400x400) and C7S watch (in preloader name). because it will have almost no bugs, except HRM sensor not work (replace sensors.mt6739.so in system/vendor/lib/hw) also, if the firmware doesn’t have ambient display (AOD, like Prime and S08) there’s WearAmbientClock folder. Put it on /system/app/

As for H8 firmware and sensors, here. Have fun porting everyone :relaxed:

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how to backup firmware. i am not able to understand the flashing procedure

I’ve bought an used H8 for a very good price. Where to find the firmware to be flashed by SP Tool ? And where TWRP ? :grin:


Have you read the messages above ?

Yes, I had to change browser 'cause from Firefox I can’t access to the Google Drive folder. With Chrome it’s working fine :innocent:

Sorry for missunderstanding, I thought initially that the link was dead :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Downloaded the content, all’s fine guys ! Thx !

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I installed your firmware on my H8, but now the buttons don’t work anymore.
I can only switch on the watch pushing them contemporarily for about 4 seconds, while to power it off I had to install an app.
Any ideas to solve my problem?

Try a factory reset first . If this doesnt work you will have to flash back to a older firmware . Thanks

Many thanks for your support. I tried to reset the watch, but the problem persists and I don’t have the older firmware. If I choose the option in Sp-Flash-Tool to format the watch before flashing the firmware, do you think I’ll be able to make my buttons work again?

no, if you do that you will loose your IMEI, but you can try again with the firmware upgrade option