Metro 2033 as requested by @Johnymafio

Strap it on! As @Doonsbury said “I think someone will take up the challenge of making a face”




Thanks , is amazing ,someone say ,what a fancy clock Artyom

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You are welcome!

Doubledad,it’s a very beautiful face,post atomic art,the neon light reflect on the numbers,a very good job. Superb! I like it so much.
thanks a lot for sharing.

I appreciate your support and comments… BTW where in your beautiful country do you live? I haven’t returned since the early 1970’s but long its beauty, food and hospitality!

I live in Bologna,the house of tortellini, lasagna and Ducati Motors.

Man, sensational is incredible!!!

Thank you! I appreciate your enthusiasm…

I remember driving from Florence to Bologna on the way to Venice very well. As I recall Bologna houses the oldest university in the world. You are fortunate to live in such a place.

very good,Doubledad, I’ve no mentioned Bologna as the first university concpet in old Europe because it’s better know for food and motors.
and ,yes,I am lucky to live here, for many reasons.

Can you make a version for Universal Launcher? :grin:

I’m sure it will work on Universal Launcher, too.

I forgot to extract it :sweat_smile:

I ask to Doubledad and moderators,can I upload my metro version face here or I have to make a new thread?

Better make an own post. Thank you.

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