Merry Christmas No. 01

This is a Christmas face that I designed 3 years ago for a Kospet competition. I didn’t win then and Kospet never used it. It’s a Christmas tree that magically decorates itself within a minute. At that time I worked for a long time to realize it without a GIF for Stocklauncher.
I added a modified version for new stocklaunchers, too.
Maybe it makes someone happy.
Merry Christmas!

Credit link: -

Download for stocklauncher 7.1 and higher: - Google Drive

Download for UL and Stocklauncher 5.1: - Google Drive



Happy days :grin::+1: . The " old ones are always the best "

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I used CSM to build it! :joy: Good old times!

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I have our entry somewhere . I’ll look for it :sweat_smile:

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