Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date for stocklauncher

The “Meistersinger Pangaea day date”. Another one hand watch from the german manufacturer Meistersinger. Here comes the stocklauncher version, needs 400x400px screen resolution. Should work for every stocklauncher. The date is not so sharp, but that’s the price you have to pay…
I hope you enjoy.


download for - Google Drive

download for Universal - Google Drive

MEISTERSINGER_PANGAEA_31 clock_skin_model


Love meistersinger with the single arrow concept.

Could you make this one or a lunascope in black? (You know… X7 extra bisel lol)

Maybe I’ll make the black Version of this one. But I don’t have much time atm.

No rush mate, I just give the idea cause black backrounds works much better with huge black bezels (not only x7 has this problem) but I can wait as much as you need to have time to do it… You’re the artist, you rule.

Thank you, @Doonsbury. The date is a little bit blury, but this is the only posibility to make it work on stocklauncher.

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No worries about the date G1N! It is still a very nice face. Just out of interest (And if it’s not a very technical explanation :woozy_face: :smile:) why is it that the date section has to be more faint than the rest of the face to work on SL? Cheers, Doons

It’s a technical explanation, but I’ll just try it: up to four numbers had to be placed on one picture. The other three are then covered to represent a single number. This creates gaps. However, these are filled up by the human brain so that we can read the number, even though 75% of the information is missing.


Hi G1N, So when I am looking at your watch face…75% of the information is missing,but I can still see and understand it? Well, hell! What’s so complicated about that?! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Although I don’t fully understand your explanation (And I imagine that only someone who is quite familiar with the intricacies of more complicated watch face design would understand it!) I thank you for your attempt to at least give me an idea of what is happening! Cheers, Doons

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Very nice, really !

@Doonsbury …thta’s ecaxlty how you can raed tihs txet, eevn tohugh I sawpepd the ltetres!:joy:


Thanks, @abel. I’m glad you like it.

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Hi @G1NT0N1C , Many thanks for that clarification! (:woozy_face:) Look mate, in your spare time (And everybody knows that all you mods have heaps of that. Easy boys! Easy! :smile:) can you give me some spelling lessons mate? Because reading your post I can see now why a few members (@Dr_Andy_Vishnu in particular!) thinks my posts are…er…“Rants” When in actual fact, the problem is that my spelling is wayyyyyy wronggg…must be because it looks nothing like yours! I suppose that’s the price I have to pay for a Public school education (Or the lack of it!) Anyway if you can have a chat with @Eric_Crochemore & @Dr_Andy_Vishnu and arrange a schedule where you 3 all spend a few hours each day (And I am sure the other 2 guys would be delighted at the idea! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) teaching the ole Doons…wele I’d be erev so graetflu to uyo gyus! (See? Never let it be said that Doons ain’t a good student! :woozy_face: :rofl:) Cheers, Donos

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