Meet my friend William who will enjoy to show you what time is :)

Meet my friend William who will enjoy to show you what time is :slight_smile:

Shout out to @SmartWatch_Ticks for his videos who teach me a lot :slight_smile:

If you wish to donate beer to William to survive at these sunny days :slight_smile:


Ha Ha @SmartWatch_Ticks
We always wondered what you looked like lol :slight_smile:

No bad feelings please :smiley:

Not at all - it’s great and @SmartWatch_Ticks will love it :slight_smile:

Wow, I look just like William when I wake up! Only difference is my arms droop like his ears at about 7:23 AM. Thanks @Aydin_Aleydin

Hey +Aydin Aleydi, “William” is now SWT’s unofficial “Official” Mascot:
Thanks for your playful skins!

@SmartWatch_Ticks I just wake up and see your video, just made my day :slight_smile:

Aydin are you planning sharing a tutorial??

@Pedro_Campos Tutorial for ?

Ups… How to install this face watch. I won’t to try it on my Zeblaze Blitz. If I’m not mistaken all 5.1 share the same OS or architecture. So I’d like to prove this fact

Hey @Pedro_Campos , sorry to disappoint you, but you won’t be able to install any of these faces on the Blitz, or the IQI I2, the Kingwear KW88, or even the new ZGPAX S99. Only the [square] Android 5.1 watches from No.1 and FINOW, and the newly released round Android 5.1 watches coming to market from No.1 and FINOW. I’ve tested them all. Perhaps with a firmware update or some really geek code writing from our XDA professionals a hack could fix this for your Blitz, but it’s not here yet.

@SmartWatch_Ticks thanks for EVERYTHING, the videos your help your contribution.
I’ve noticed something but I’ll discuss it on a new post. Blitz as some “hidden” apps like Schedule power on & off. There’s no way to access it’s options but the app is part of the OS.
Focusing again at the subject watch faces in my opinion hacking the app Launcher3 would be the way to accomplish what we, owners of Blizts watches, need !
Once again thanks for your support. Saúde:)

I’m all for any way to get more watch faces on the Blitz and others, @Pedro_Campos . Perhaps there are some creative folks out there who can figure this all out for us. We’ve seen what can happen with a limited clock engine from our amazing watch face designers. I, like you, imagine the same thing can happen here.

Give it time - it’s just a matter of time…