Maybe no one noticed but with Christmas help, we broke the 30k barrier.

Maybe no one noticed but with Christmas help, we broke the 30k barrier. Thanks to all and be prepared to follow us on the new platform when the time will come.

+5000 members in 9 month. Not so bad… :slight_smile:

Pretty good mile stone everyone :slight_smile:

3 years and 30,000 members :slight_smile:

Awesome milestone, y’alls. Congratulations. As I’ve only been here for about 6 months, I don’t know how much I contributed to that number, but if any of my watch faces helped bring people in, I am thankful for that opportunity. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Dear Eric, I don’t know how to reach you directly but I have a question. I have several Smart watches (Chinese likes like Lemfo, Domino, KW88) which all use your launcher(Perfect job a real addition to the functionality of the watch). All my watches have a resolution of 400x400 except for my new Lemfo LEM X, which has 640x590 and all watch faces which work with your launcher are not positioned in the middle anymore. Is there a way that you can “tell” the watch to use another resolution? I would also like my LEM X with your launcher, everything else works like a charm except the watch face. I hope you will read this and perhaps you can help out? Thank you anyway. BR. Eric

@Eric_Hammerstein in the launcher settings you’ll find the point “skin prefs”. Choose this icon:
missing/deleted image from Google+

Don’t forget to save and make sure that you are in round mode. If It’s still out of center restart your watch.
In the main community discription you’ll find a link to our tech forum. That’s the right place for questions like this.

Hi G1N T0N1C, super this works flawless, didn’t knew this. Thank you for your quick help.

You are welcome.

Hi bro . Anyway to get the launcher default skin only. Thanks in advance