Maybe it's not possible but I'm looking for a way to disable in my

Maybe it’s not possible but I’m looking for a way to disable in my kw88 the phone ability and still be able to use the data .
My kw88 has a sim and its the same as my phone, 2 twin- sims .
So sim in the watch and one in the phone.
But only one can be in use ,not both at the same time …duh.
But I want to make phone calls with my phone and still be able to use the data (internet for browsing , playstore, weather etc.etc) in the phone , so not setting it to airplane mode.
Is that even possible?

Martin, why not use a different number and have the calls on your old number forwarded?
Depending on your provider thwre might be a cheap option?

That’s a possibility there :wink:

Here (Netherlands) we have a duo sim option that I got when I first purchased the ZGPAX S8, works flawlessly, but as I said …I can’t turn of phone and still get the data.
Not that its a big problem, the one I place a call with will be the one that is in use so I twiggle with that :wink:

Hi @Martin_Nijhuis
This depends the operator telco services.
Here in Portugal it is possible.
By the way, do you have an S8 and kw88?
I have an S8 and I want to buy a kw88 … worth it?
It is a good choice compared to s8?

I have a ZGPAX S8 but its battery is broke.
I bought the kw88 and compared to the S8 its faster and the screen is crisp etc…but if you want to add more clockfaces and/or design your own a No1 D5 Or a Finow X5 or even x3 or the new X3+ I think is “better” for now but its android 4.4 the X3 plus is 5.1 , there is a X5+ coming soon and I’m thinking of buying that one.
That said …I do have a lot of fun with the KW88 , learned a lot i a short period of time …thanks to this forum …making clockfaces that do work on the kw88 …pairs nicely to my galaxy S6 & can operate solo with a sim card in it …etc .you better start reading here and on the other forum (
And I got it for € 81,- and that was a bargain)
And there will be a time soon where the only problem , that of the clockfaces will be history and it will be possible to add full functional clockfaces simply to it.
You better go do some research before you buy anything and start by deciding what is is you want in a smartwatch .
Also very helpful in this is @SmartWatch_Ticks …he has more videos on YouTube than you imagine about these watches and fills time with showing them and talking (a lot and clear voice) about them.


Many thanks @Martin_Nijhuis
By the way, why you not put a new battery in S8?
If not, can you sell me for parts because my s8 have camera broken?

mb verdeler bij t mobile geen tel wel internet

@Antonio_Praca Haven’t thought of selling yet but send me a mail and tell me what you want to pay for it and I’ll decide if I will sell or not .
Think it works fine if given a good battery , it’s rooted too.

@Martin_Nijhuis I can not find your e mail… my: