May I say something here

Happy mode on<<<

Learning a lot and the easy way at SmartWatch Ticks

Together with this beautiful program ClockSkinMaker and the tutorial of our friend watch-andrew

I would easily be making or modifying a CF

Thanks to those great guys helping out there !

happy mode off>>>frustration mode on <<<<

Its frustrating not being able to do things I wish to do for I’m still waiting for it (KW88) to arrive…Arghhhh…Ok I know I’m being impatient …always have been as a matter of fact…in my younger years that was more a problem then it is today and …argh …forget about that.

frustration mode off<<<<

Wishing RASC Moderators

all the luck and prosperity in trying to come up with a solution this weekend

And then this :

Please folks…donation is a way of telling them we appreciate what there doing !!
It only costs you a few bucks and a little of your time, but think of the time and efforts the put in it in their spare time.
everybody is wanting this and that for themself but they’re the ones actually working on it.
Its a way of saying thank you for your program ClockSkinMaker
Thank you for your help and tutorials
Thank you for your videos
Thank you for your clockskins


ClockSkinMaker site has its own donation button  link

Sorry guys …Somebody has to point that out…lots of good work you’re doing.