MaxS_Simple1_DF for Ticwris Max S

My first published watchface, made with WFD. I created a watchface for the Ticwris Max S, I hope some of you will find it usefull. I used generic icons for the apps, so that one can map them to each own preference, e.g. for mail, instead of Google specific icon. It works for the standard launcher.


Touch actions from left to right (with which app they start if you don’t modify):

  • Assistant (Google Assistant)
  • Chat app (Signal)
  • Mail (Protonmail)
  • Sports tracker (MyRunningApp)
  • Timer (Default android clock/timer)

There is date and power in top row (status bar simulation).

Download Link:

Credits for the Ticwris brand and logo (I added the “Max S” part and idea of a white stripe as background :wink:):

Credits for app launcher icons:


Love it . Top job :+1:

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Thank You!

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Nice effort, thanks! (Can’t wait to try it on my new Max S which I hope will arrive this week)

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You can look forward to that, this watch has a very nice formfactor. But a few quirks in the Firmware they will hopefully look into :ok_hand:

Cheers @Dotsfar,
when you say firmware quirks … anything especially disturbing or are they just occasional hiccups?

The odd app which displays in portrait mode, but I think they are working on this as seen in the Ticwris thread. We should not discuss it too much here - lets move to the Max S thread if talk is about firmware.

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All good. Thanks!

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