"Matrix watch face" is my first watch face,

“Matrix watch face” is my first watch face, animation is bit slow but i like it :slight_smile: I would improve it in future.


Great work :smiley:

@Inceptual_Games Thanks :smiley:

@Aydin_Aleydin This is great fun…

I added a couple of 4000x4000 rotate_second images to run behind the array_hourminute… to enhance the cascading green numbers… it looks okay on CSM but the file is very large (16.5Mb) and I’m not sure if it would run on a watch - it might explode!

With the new lot of watches having 1g ram, I think it should run pretty well. Not sure about the 512mb ones though.

@Andrew_Davis lol - now you know I have to try it right? :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis man your additional to this face watch is like Kinder Surprise in child’s hand. I try it this morning but seems my watch Finow X5 is freezing with thees big images, later ill try to compress and reduce the size :). Thanks

That’s the problem - watch engine is struggling to render more than 3 big pictures.

@Andrew_Davis it was worth a shot but our tiny little 512mb of ram couldn’t take it :slight_smile:
Watch is now just a black screen - as expected lol. Time for a bit of flashing me thinks :slight_smile:
So anyone else - don’t try Andrews behemoth of a watch face - as tempting as it is :slight_smile:

i try to reduce your rotation seconds images to 800x800 but then disappear i didn’t succeed too reconfigure it …

The larger the rotating image, the better the illusion that the background is falling vertically… so, only one 4000x4000 might be needed…
If two small (I’ve used 2000x2000 on quite a few watches) images are used… one clockwise and set at -800,0 and the other counter-clockwise and set at 800,0… you just about get a vertical fall… it’s also a good idea to have the images different otherwise you get a repeating pattern (which can be useful)… simplest way to make them look different is to rotate on of the images (in Gimp) - say 30 degrees…
If the images are too small then all you see is two rotating circles… great in some watch designs but not this one…
I also reduced the opacity of the images to make the effect more subtle…

@Aydin_Aleydin It could be that the individual dots got too small to see… or it could be that you need to change the co-ordinates of the rotating image…
2000x2000 = 800,0
1200x1200 = 400,0
800x800 = 200,0

https://github.com/mastercho/Matrix-Watch-Face alternative link