Making an outer ring for all skins

That’s a very interesting idea. It could be done. You can start a new subject with this idea, just to know if you’re the only one interested.
The main issue with this is that it will make really tiny faces, maybe not readable… Or we can think of a kind of zoom feature, but in this case we can use a floating launcher like app instead.


Well on the Prime 2, watchfaces are giga normous, so there perhaps a normal sized watchface could fit within the circle.


So, i’m thinking of a special clocksin named “ring”, that contains only static images and touch points with an inner empty circle. This inner part should be also of a static size so that i can have a fixed zoom ratio.
If you can propose such a ring clockskin, i can make some tests with UL.


You have my vote. Long live the good king Eric


Sounds like another really cool idea @Eric_Crochemore :+1:

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I’ve coded something. I use a 75% scale down for the inner part. The ring can be a real clockskin, meaning : no need to be static.


That’s even better, then one can also have battery or steps progress bar in the outer ring, for when using faces without these features :ok_hand:

Here is the 3.5 version of UL :

Put a “” clockskin in the clockskin directory and it will be taken as an outer ring.
PS: if the zip contains a directory, it should be named “ring” also.

It’s still under test, you may experience some “app not responding” from Android, just ignore…


Wow! you guys are amazing. I struggle with the installations. lol :grin:

I will have to upload it and try it out after dinner (5:00pm here)

LMAO I can’t even get to “Go” let alone past it.

I did a search on “how to install universal Launcher” and got lots of hits that talk about installing it from Play Store (no doubt not the new version) and a few that simply say to install it lol.

So far I have extracted the ClockSkinCoco-3.5 (1) apk to a folder on my desk top but have no clue how to …

  • install the APK
  • activate the correct authorisations requested by the app

As for… “Put a “” clockskin in the clockskin directory and it will be taken as an outer ring.”… Does this mean pick a suitable clock skin folder from the clockskins on the watch and re-name it ‘’? I have done that with a copy of PRIME2 ENG mixed 10 buttons1 (which I figured would be excellent as the ring).

As for… PS: if the zip contains a directory, it should be named “ring” also."… No idea?

And that folks is where this idiot has stopped. lol until one of you functional folk kick start me.

P.S Pablo feel free to put this in nutters corner :sunglasses:

Well, well, well… :slight_smile:
To install an APK :

  • transfer this APK on your watch in the “download” folder for example.
  • on your watch, open the file manager and go to the folder where the APK is, then click on it. It will propose to install. It will also maybe say that you need to authorize installing applications that do not come from the Playstore.
    After that, accept all the autorization that the app requires.

About the ZIP. In UL, you can have skins in a ZIP format, no need to extract all the files and put them in a separte folder. So, if your skin you want to put as a ring is not in a ZIP, then just ZIP all the files and name the ZIP as “”. Put that ZIP file in the “clockskin” folder and your good to go.

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Thanks Eric. You are a patient man. I actually got it installed along with Mr Ticks floating toucher last night not long after I posted but was in a different location to my PC with the password for here so had to wait till now to post. Still have to zip up some watch faces etc but between the two of them they are keeping me out of my phone lol. I’m a real tard when it comes to… lots of shit as it turns out

Ha ha ha… I feel really sorry for you… Seriously…

But I can’t help noticing that you ended up talking shit :joy::joy::joy:

@Eric_Crochemore is awesome and it is great to hear that you got over this step :+1::handshake:

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Here is a test ring i made . Feel free to give it a go .

Touch icons for A10 :+1:

Next time i will make the ring a little smaller

Thanks @Eric_Crochemore


A piece of cake with Nova Launcher(sorry). In my experience Nova is fantastic on these watches if you know how to use it, contrary to what some people say.


I use my Prime2 as a real wrist smartphone and the Nova Launcher is great.

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