Making a customized Casio well-known model

Hi guys, I was wondered with a post that bring to us our mate @G1NT0NIC about a non-common arraytypes:

Then I got an idea with an old Casio watchface that I really love, the old Memory 100 (AW-200)

I was trying to make them changeable at one single click and I almost made it, but I get some troubles with the three round displays inside them, the white bezel and the trademark-and-simbology images at the moment of change between both watchfaces than I don’t know how to solve it, could anybody tell me if there are any solution for them please?

I’ll let the design I have created on the ‘Test’ folder, the other ones are both the original watchfaces wich includes all the files inside each one.

Thanks in advance!!


I suppose that Test folder is the project but I can’t import it in WFD…!?,

Yes, Test folder is the skin i’m building. I’ve just maded it exactly as the one on the first link of my post, by editing the main xml file. On the watch it can be seen, but with the errors I’ve mentioned before when you click on the watch screen, that needs to be solved.

I’ll have a look tomorrow.

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Unfortunately I haven’t found the time to watch it yet. I apologize. However, I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll take care of it as soon as I find some time.

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Don’t worry. I was working on this couple of skins this weekend (for another reasons) and find out that, although similar, they aren’t just exactly the same thing in terms of fonts related to digital battery and day indicators.

By the way… I’m discovering the WFD tool… And what a powerful piece of software it is!!!

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