Major Changes to Watch Droid App

I received an “Information” update to Watch Droid this morning that details dramatic changes that will effect some features of the app. These changes were mandated by changes in the Play Store privacy policies. They recommend if you want to maintain the current functions you do not update the app after version, which I believe is the most recent update. My phone just shows Version 9.1.

As they suggest you do not perform any further updates to the app, if you are a frequent user of watch droid, as I am, if you want to insure you can continue to use it in its present format I would take two additional steps. (1) make sure you have Auto Update turned off in the apps on the Play Store. (2) make sure you have a backup copy of the apps in case you need to reinstall the apps in the future. I use the “App Backup and Restore” app to create a backup copy of my apps to reinstall the app.

They indicated that the changes will disable most of the recent improvements to the app and they will work to overcome this change and see if they can restore all or some of the  features lost but it will not happen overnight. 

You can access the information on your phone by opening the Watch Droid app and it should appear on the main page.

Update: read my post regarding the correct version to use in this board. /thread/3084/keeping-track-impact-changes?page=2

What features will be deleted ?!

EDIT : I’ve read… Incredible !!!

Ok, 9.1.19 will be my latest update for this app.


No problem, I’ve cloned both apps, Phone & Assistant, with a new signature. Now they are no more visible to the Plasy Store so I’ll receive no further updates. Problem? Ok, solved