Magisk module install problem

I have rooted my watch using magisk 22.1
When i try to install a magisk module from the internal storage (by clicking install from storage in module tab), no file is listed in the view. Am i doing it wrong or missing something? I mean how to install a magisk module zip file? Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Copy the zip file to Google drive
  2. Locate the file on the google drive on your watch
  3. On your watch, download the zip file from Google drive
  4. It is now visible between downloads on your watch


Copy the zip file to the watch download folder and install it via TWRP

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the file picker on the KP1 and possibly other android 5-7 is a joke. seriously lowers usability… it’s also known as download apk
it’s crap but maybe with root we can install some update…

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Totally agree, but in Android 5 I had no problems, only in 7, Prime1, AllCall 2, and others. A real nightmare on a feature that is critical. I don’t have any smartwatches with A10 yet, but I hope this bug is fixed.

yes they use different versions