Lux + tasker = screen brightness adjustment for my Full Android Smartwatch

Good morning everyone,

One of the features I miss the most on Full Android smartwatches is the lack of ambient light sensor.

Today I fell into this XDA post:

and decided to test the procedure shown. Lux can adjust screen brightness using the camera as an ambient light sensor, and tasker automate the process everytime the screen goes on.

It definitely seems to work on my Kospet Optimus Pro. No battery data test available yet but I will inform the community if there’s some interest.

Hope this helps someone,



Nice, I’ll try it out too
Thanks for sharing!

look and try this app too call Ubikitouch.

Thanks for your advice… But as far as I can understand ubikitouch has different functions from lux. I was looking for something to adjust screen brightness according to ambient light.

And you can create a beep every hour, either turn off the screen without bothering with that method.