Lumix two I present my latest clockskin Lumix 2 .

Lumix two

I present my latest clockskin
Lumix 2 .
Designed and made by me in PS.

Cool dark multilayered background with lume effect.

The skin , can you use in the night or day .
There is lot of info, on the watchface.

Like alvays, free to use for this community.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment and/or :+1: when you like it :slight_smile:


@Tiaan_Kotze Thanks Tiaan, But I’m just user, like you. The Master was Yoda. :slight_smile:

Real nice! Is this for Watchmaker?

OMG beautiful master

@Scott_S No.For full android watches.

@beby_sarz thanks beby

@zsolt_m I don’t understand? Full Android watches? I have LG Urbane which is Android. Sorry for questions just really like your work

@Scott_S these faces here do not work on Android Wear. Check out the community first post.
These are for Android watch phones. Like a Finow X5 plus for example.
They are .zip format with configuration xml and image files.
No good for your watch

@zsolt_m ​ fantastic work again :+1::blush:

always good work,very nice faces,i like them.

fantastic, thank`s

@zsolt_m great, thanks

Lumix 3, 4 and 5 please.

@Joao_Nascimento Never enough :slight_smile:
Coming soon…

@zsolt_m Never enough from your faces :slight_smile:

I would like to try and make my own http://watchfaces.Your work is magnificent. Where can i found tutorial for making watchfaces and which program do you recomend. I’m having q1 square watch and want to try to make some square watchface, unless there is anybody want to help us square owners to have some watchfaces using the whole square area. Thanks alot.

@ys_ys once you have signed up - click on this link for all the guides you will need or look for posts by @Andrew_Davis

fantastic job!

@zsolt_m another masterpiece created.