Lumix three I present my latest clockskin Lumix 3

Lumix three

I present my latest clockskin
Lumix 3 .
Designed and made by me in PS.

Nice sharp multilayered background,
with depth, and lume effect.

Lot of info, on the watchface,
you can use it day or night, always good… :slight_smile:

Like alvays, free to use for this community.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment and/or :+1: when you like it :slight_smile:

fixed Link: - Google Drive


Nice ! Thank you

Really nice design mate

Niiice thank u

OMG nice master. Z.M watch Always beautiful when viewed.
Thx 4 share. Like this

@zsolt_m ​ excellent as always :+1:

Pls can u tell me how to have it on my watch i download the link …But how can i install it on my lem5 ,because when I tap the downloaded skin on my watch it says "file not supported "
Is there any solutions about ?

@Gentian_Qerfozi Just unzip to your ClockSkin folder in your wartch, when you not have this folder, than made one.

@Gentian_Qerfozi yep - what @zsolt_m said.
And if you have any issues there is a full guide on the support forum.

I made one already zsolt m …but how can be installed on my watch because it kepps saying size 666.89 KB “can’t open it the file format is not supported”



Really nice excellent as always thank you

Super. I will install it today on my watch. Clear, good readable, with taste.

Yes, Lumix 3, great work. Thank`s.

Another great watchface

Pls can anybody tell how to unzip the downloaded clockskin and make it run on my lem 5…Do I have to download unzip app on playstore…
Well i opened already a mew folder named Clockskin …and next step?

@Gentian_Qerfozi This is how i install watch face without computer 1 create new folder at smart watch name clockskin. 2 download winzip in playstore via smartwatch. 3 download watch files in this community via your smartphone. 4 bloototh file clockskin to smartwatch. 5 after successfully sent search open file maneger smartwatch you search the file you just sent and then touch. Touch long there will be an unzip option in your smartwath, select unzip wait until copy file. That’s my way sorry my english.

You were very helpful…I ll try right now…Thank you😊

Your welcome. Let us know if it works.

I did all what u told me…Now how can i launch it to work on my lem5 ?