Lumix four I present my latest clockskin Lumix 4 .

Lumix four

I present my latest clockskin
Lumix 4 .
Designed, and made by me, in PS.

Nice airy graceful background, with depth.

Day ,weekday, battery level, +24 Hr clock on the face,
you can use it day or night… :slight_smile:

I prefer the black one…or blue/red one…, or… blue with solid red one…

Like alvays, free to use for this community.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment and/or :+1: when you like it :slight_smile:

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@Tiaan_Kotze u think which one is nicer

@zsolt_m ​ thanks again mate :+1::+1:

Nice work…Bravo :clap:

Everything looks amazing, I feel more confident wearing this watch face. Good people like you always give the best, I’m sure of it
Thx 4 shared.

@beby_sarz nice comment :slight_smile:

this is reality. that’s what I feel.

@beby_sarz great :slight_smile: - I mean it!
It was a lovely comment

Hi @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11
Three clock face represents my mood,
red = hate mood,
blue = happy mood,
black = mood sad.

@beby_sarz thanks beby .

Great work, Thank you

Very good job. I Thank your watch style become more and more Nice every day. New version always betterave Than previous

Awesome work :+1:

Watt can i say, zsolt m in action, this man never stop´s, amazing. Thank`s for your work

I love this design. It has a nice 3d feeling, the colors are nice and work well together.
But the shadow on the digits is quite confusing. They drop in every direction while on the circles and the name the light comes from the upper right side.
This is a very minor complaint though.

@Heiko_Schott :slight_smile: I know…little cheat for better depth…
Used that in lumix 3 too … :wink:

@zsolt_m Can you try to make this watch face please ?

Would this work on Omate Rise? I want to test it but i have no idea about how to put it on.

I know that there is a hate for omate but i am stuck with that watch

@Anas_Malas Never seen that, but when your watch can run the universal launcher, than maybe you can use my skins… Try first that:

@Mesud_Mehmed thanks, but not in my taste.