Lumix five I present my latest clockskin Lumix 5 .

Lumix five

I present my latest clockskin
Lumix 5 .
Designed, and made by me, in PS.

Nice dark background, with depth, and vivid lume.

Day ,weekday,month,year, battery level, digital clock on the face,
you can use it day or night… :slight_smile:

Like alvays, free to use for this community.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment and/or :+1: when you like it :slight_smile:

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Very nice thanks again for another great piece

Links updated.

Felicitaciones, muy buen trabajo, se ve espectacular

Nice. Please attempt the following. Thanks.

Another great skin :clap::clap:

Sorry my master ask permission to download your masterpiece of this magnificent. I honestly say seeing this watch is as beautiful as looking at the moon at full moon. As always thank you for sharing with us all that is here.

@beby_sarz beby, you cannot access to download?

Another fantastic creation, thank`s

@zsolt_m good job. I did not find any problem with the download link. Only permission before getting. Thx

always nice faces,thanxs.

Very beautiful and successful! As a suggestion, the background center would have been much better visible in natural light if it was made in a lighter color, making a much better contrast!

thought older versions were the best… but now I really think this one has it!

Yet more splender, Thank you

@zsolt_m ​ excellent mate :+1:

Thank you for sharing your talent with us,very good watch face.

I am new to here. Could someone tell me how to import zip file to my android smart watch?

@Adem_Gurgentepe go to our tech forum: