Luminox XCOR AEROSPACE ANADIGI - day version.

Luminox XCOR AEROSPACE ANADIGI - day version. Enjoy and “+1” for good karma :slight_smile:
Small number under logo is a battery level.
Download -
Original design -


night ver look better

@SamsungXP Thanks! Variety of choices rules :slight_smile:

Awesome Ruslan!

can u try make day/night version ? mean auto change from day and night

Отлично,Руслан! Как всегда точно и очень смотрибельно!С удовольствием забираю в коллекцию.! Респект,бро !

@Andrew_Raven Thanks!

day/night auto change will be perfect

maybe, but i have no idea how to do it. Have you any example of existing solution?

i saw previous post got ppl do it.maybe they can help

example this watch faces at above link

Edward Henry do that

How do I extract the files to make it my watch face?

Great work Ruslan! Your Faces are always exactly like the Original. Fantastic! Thanks :slight_smile:

@Di_Di Thanks, man! :slight_smile:

so no idea how to make it auto change from day/night mode ?

@Ruslan_Sokolovsky Quick question dude? did you installed a custom ROM to use this watchfaces?Do you know how can I put this on my Zeblaze Blitz ?