Looking to buy a new watch: your favorites, upcoming models, and new watches?

Hi there, I’m looking to buy a new watch, any price point is fine. Just curious what watches people have right now, what people have liked and haven’t liked, and what some new ones are right now.

Are there any advantages to the android 11 watches?
Is the firmware better than getting a FAW-compatible watch?

Also is there a spreadsheet with weight and thickness measurements for watches? I know Mr. Ticks does these in his videos sometimes but I can’t always find them. I tried a Rogbid King recently but it is so so so thick so I won’t be keeping it.

Let me know your opinions!

Edit: forgot to add that my current watch is the Genesis, for those that had it. Loved it so much but it’s getting old and the battery hardly holds out anymore. I also want a watch that is Android 9+


I have the lokmat 9 that is A10 but old hardware and it last a full day with all connectivities on. It is the lightest and thinest FAW that ive seen. It is a beautiful watch. It has just one camera.

I have also the lokmat 7 which is a beautiful watch has A9 with 2 systems i never had to use the battery saving mode, it lasts full 2 days with all connectivities on, it has only one camera and honestly i wish there were models without cameras.

Comparing A9 to A10 dont see much of a difference .
If the lokmat 9 had better hardware it would have been my main watch and not because it has A10.just because it such a beautiful watch second is the lokmat 7, all A10 and A11 watches are boring in their looks.

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It would be a good idea to check out the Optimus 2 with 128gb of storage and Android 10 MTK chipset.

There are two reasons why I say this:

  1. as mentioned, there is not much difference between A9 and A10, but the newer the Android API the better. Due to app developers focusing on more recent versions of Android.
    The Optimus 2 is currently available for a very good price on the Kospet Aliexpress store.
  2. the chipset used by MTK is much more user friendly than the A9 and A11 Unisoc chipsets. You may think that it is not really important, but when it comes maybe having to flash the firmware on the watch - it makes a big difference.

At the end of the day though, it’s your choice and this is just my opinion :+1: