Looking for more faces like these for the LEMX that hide/mask/integrate the flat tyre

Looking for more faces like these for the LEMX that hide/mask/integrate the flat tyre into the overall appearance. Got any creative ideas?

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I will work on some soon Mr Ticks. Bogged down with lem4 pro faces ATM:) Requests etc…

please, I did all the steps, but when I click on any watchface it does not accept and back to the first bubble watchface

Help me Mr. Ticks

Did you reboot the watch?

Also make sure the folder you put new watch faces in is spelt Clockskin exactly like this:)

Thank you, I will redo the whole procedure!

Don’t work…:slightly_frowning_face::disappointed:

Make a factory reset and try procedure again. Should work. Before factory reset make sure you have taken the latest OTA (wireless update). Good luck.

Also at the end of the vidoe Mr Ticks say something about pushing a refresh button(little round symbol arrow at the end of the watch faces scrolling to the far right that has to be pressed to refresh cache and add the new faces you have installed yourself ) make sure that has been acheived before anything I have said above.

yes I pressed the Arrow circle at the end, the watchfaces appear but only a few of the 70 and when I click on some new watchfaces it does not work and goes back to the factory watchface.

Maybe you copied them straight from zip file from Mr Ticks onto your watch and did not visit each web site to download the whole of each clockskin? In each file there is a text file with a website address to copy and paste to your browser and bring you to each clockskins download page. So try one at a time and see how you go.:slight_smile:

Oh right , thanks!

It works!!! Thank you so much

@Fernando_Gimenes No worries. Glad to help. :slight_smile: P.S Checkout this web site it has some (not all) clockskins that would look good on the Lemx http://www.watchawear.com/android-watch-faces/x-x-family.html

Hey @Fernando_Gimenes , now that you got it working, if you have the time, could you add a little post over on SmartWatchTicks to your original post for help there as to what you did to fix it? Many folks read about other’s similar problems to their own and learn what to do. It would be very helpful. Thanks in advance. And thanks @A_Kinsella for your guidance for Fernando.

@SmartWatch_Ticks No worries mate. It helps you to spend time bringing out all those great watch reviews.

@A_Kinsella OK with you if I put together a little video piece on your new faces for the LEM4 and send folks to this community to interact with you? Now that you’ve got a few up I can do a little tag-on piece on another upcoming video. I’d love to see more folks working with LEM4 face designs like you are, and perhaps post them to your new community.

@SmartWatch_Ticks Yeah mate no problem. Thanks. :slight_smile: